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Archie Kelley

TCA-Quotes-01“Funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.” Peter Kay

Archie Kelly is best known for his comic portrayal of Kenny “Dalglish” Senior in the award winning Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights. He has also appeared in a number of popular TV shows including another award winning series, Jimmy McGovern’s The Street However, it is a live performer that Archie excels.

An early career as a singer/comedian on the Northern club scene lasted for fifteen years and gave him a wealth of experience on stage as an all-round live entertainer.

He emerged onto the alternative comedy scene as Jackie ‘Mr Goodtime’ Valencio with hilarious parodies and superb vocal impressions.. Archie quickly went on to become a headline act in most of the well known clubs such as The Comedy Store. A successful national stand-up tour, Jumping on the Bandwagon, followed along with other Phoenix Night’s cast members.


“Inspired storytelling and wickedly witty asides mixed with fantastic vocal mimicry” 


Tawdry cookery analogies aside Mr Kelly is a dynamite comedic entity who will ensure belly laughs a-plenty and is a headline performer throughout Britain and beyond.

There’s no one quite like Archie so come and see this highly original and hilarious comedian as it might be years till he’s in Bolton again!

TCA-Quotes-01One of my favourite comedians, who looks and acts like he’s in middle management and whose distaste for everything laddish and fondness for cricket analogies cloaks some darker writing… There’s intelligent wit, honesty and more interesting and provocative thoughts in his show than many comics manage in a decade. The Scotsman