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Clean comedy

As promoters of The Clean (As Possible) Comedy Show at Edinburgh Festival and elsewhere plus every December booking Comedians & Carols, we at The Comedy Agency specialise at clean comedy.

If you’re planning a family-friendly event or want to keep things clean at a corporate event or awards night, we’re experienced in catering to this.

The Clean (As Possible) Comedy Show was the brainchild of Tony Vino, who’s been on the comedy circuit since 2006, and has already had numerous runs at the Edinburgh Festival. Along the way, it’s featured top quality circuit comedians cleaning up their act alongside the creme de la creme of naturally clean acts. The show received a 4 star review from Kate Copstick in The Scotsman and has successfully transferred to Leicester Comedy Festival in recent years.

TCA-Quotes-01Everyone seems to love the fact that it’s a show they can bring their kids and their Gran to … as long as their Gran isn’t too potty-mouthed that is. All the acts have to follow our guidelines, which parallel those of a 12A certificate film.
Founder, Tony Vino

Launched with great success by Paul Kerensa in 2008, Comedians & Carols is a seasonal touring show that has taken in churches, pubs, cathedrals and arts centres. Previous acts involved have included Tim Vine, Miranda Hart, Howard Read & Little Howard, Jo Enright, Andy Kind, Tony Vino, Mark Palmer, Gareth Richards, Folk On, John Archer etc…

Taking a loose format from Nine Lessons & Carols, it’s the perfect occasion for church folks and non-churched alike to come together for a laugh, a sing-song and a mince pie. A typical night features clean sets from 4 or so comedians, some comedic takes on carols on the big screen, a video or slide-show fest … and no cringing or preachiness.